Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Acting as the Developer Manager, Pacific Rim’s senior staff was responsible for all phases of this tumkey project. They had to ensure that the development budget and schedule did not exceed $348,000,000, a 30-month fast track construction schedule and a 2-month preopening phase. The budget was established at the conceptual design level and was based upon an agreed set of design and responsibility assumptions. The team worked with the designer, contractor and owner through each phase of the project where the architect’s design did not suffer, the contractor ensured the construction documents were constructible and the owner’s goals were achieved.

A significant challenge on the project was presented to the team less than 7 months before the hotel opening date when there was a natural gas explosion in the building and resulted in a $20M builders risk claim. The tearn was able to overcome this obstacle by opening the building on schedule and complete the project within budget.

The largest construction project in California at the time, this project has forever changed and enhanced the skyline of San Diego. The hotel has outperformed the owners expectations so much so that a second tower is currently being designed that will significantly increase the number of rooms and guest it will serve.


  • The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is a 30-story tower hotel features 1,190 guest rooms and more than 165,000 square feet (15,300 m2) of meeting space, making It the highest ratio of meeting space to hotel rooms in the downtown San Diego area.
  • The hotel includes a 300-seat restaurant, 180 seat specialty restuarant/bar and an 80 seat lounge area that consists of 1,031,662sf.
  • Pacific Rim’s senior staff acted as the Developer Manager for the developer who guaranteed both the project budget and schedule to the client. Pacific Rim’s staff managed this tum key project from design through costruction and project opening. Executives from Hiilton Hotel indicated that this project had the smoothest hotel opening of any Hiilton completed to that point.

  • LOCATION: San Diego, CA
  • SECTOR: Hotels and Resort
  • VALUE: US$348M
  • SERVICES CARRIED OUT: Developer Manager