Ironwood Villas


Ironwood Villas Phase I building construction by PACIFIC RIM began on April 23, 2018. The project was the 6th Ironwood project development in partnership with Micronesia Community Development Corp. and GHURA. The development was intended to provide additional affordable housing for the growing population of Guam. The project was awarded based on PRC’s commitment to providing clients with reasonable proposals, quality performance, it’s ability to turn-over projects on schedule with-in the budget and in compliance with industry safety requirements. The construction is 85% self-performed by Pacific Rim and the project duration is 425 calendar days.Due to the rainy season, the construction of the buildings was a big challenge for the project management team. The shell of the building was made of CMU and the structural framing was made of structural steel sections. The building shell and the structural framing were done as concurrent activities so other related activities such as the suspended slab on metal deck support and the slab on grade were not impacted by heavy rains and bad weather. The building finishes design is made of painted drywall and ceiling on metal framing for the interiors. The floor finishing is stained concrete with scored lines and sealer. The exterior finishing is a cement plaster finish with reveal and with direct applied exterior finish system (EFS). The specified finishes simply conform to the purpose of making the building units affordable. After initial site visits, the client’s satisfaction lead to negotiations for the proposed Phase II Project that is adjacent to the ongoing Phase I Project site.


  • Ironwood Villas is an Affordable Housing Development consisting of six (6) Two-Story Buildings and a Community Building Center with a total of fifty (50), 1,344 sf apartment units. The development consists of (25) 3 bedroom and (25) 4 bedroom units, including ADA bedroom units.
  • Ironwood Villas is developed under Ironwood Management and is developed to have complete underground site utilities with sidewalks, paved roadways and parking spaces.
  • The project is strategically located near the Mongmong Toto Maite Mayor’s office, Catholic church and besides the baseball field in the village.

  • LOCATION: Mongmong Toto Maite, Guam
  • SECTOR: Housing
  • VALUE: US$10.4M Phase I
  • SERVICES CARRIED OUT: General Contractor